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Your go to comprehensive painters in Nashua, NH


A new color can instantly transform the appearance, atmosphere, and value of any room in your home. As your interior paint contractor, Riverside Painters of Hudson-Nashua can assist you with anything from a single accent wall to the entire interior of your home.

Riverside Painters of Hudson and Nashua area is a cost-effective and ideal choice if you’re looking to revive your home or business. Our interior painting professionals can assist you when you want to update the paint on your walls. Our house painters’ meticulous preparation and attention to detail make all the difference in your final results.

Our Interior Painting Services

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Riverside Painters of Hudson-Nashua’s painters can transform your stained cabinets from a light oak or pickled appearance to a darker, richer stained appearance.

Popcorn removal

Are you sick of the 70s style? Acoustic "popcorn" ceilings are a type of surface that attracts and holds dust particles, giving your home a "dingy" appearance

Drywall Repair

We specialize in the art of drywall through the skilled hands of our highly qualified staff, all of whom are dedicated to the result.

Garage Floor Epoxy

In high-traffic areas, high-performance solutions are required. We have a high-quality, stain-resistant, and easy-to-maintain floor coating available.

Wallpaper Removal

It's critical to take the appropriate steps while removing wallpaper to ensure a smooth surface for your freshly painted walls.

Color Consultation

Color is undoubtedly the most cost-effective technique to improve the appearance and feel of a space or a home's exterior. Riverside Painters can assist you.

Interior Cabinet & Woodwork Refinishing

We’ll rejuvenate and invigorate your cabinets and wood trim if they’ve lost their luster. As part of our interior painting services, we are experts at updating old, aged cabinets. Please get in touch with us if you require any of the following services for your cabinets or other wooden surfaces.

  • Change the colors of cabinets that have already been painted.
  • Convert oak or other hardwood cabinets to a professional painted look.
  • Apply a worn-in appearance.
  • Use Old World or different glazings to finish the job.
  • Reinstall cabinet hardware after removing it.
  • Staining and lacquering cabinets
  • Refinishing wood spindles and railings
  • Replace entry doors and thresholds with new ones.

Making your home feel brand new

We can help you change the interior of your home with a specific color inspired by a piece of furniture or freshen the present paint color throughout your home. Riverside Painters of Hudson and Nashua area has color matching capabilities, which means we can match your home’s new interior paint color to any color you can show us. We would be pleased to conduct a consultation to discuss your painting options and answer any questions you may have if you are unsure what color will work well for your home or if you have any queries regarding our painting services. For your interior painting project, request a free, no-obligation quote today.

The Importance of Color Consulting for Interior Painting

When planning your next interior painting project, there are so many options to consider that it can be challenging to make a final decision. Our experienced team can provide a complimentary interior paint and color consultation and help guide you in the right direction, regardless of colors, finishes, or patterns.


We will use our years of experience and design knowledge to develop the best concept for your painting project while ensuring that the finished product is unique to you and will satisfy you for years to come.


We’ve seen – and painted – it all, whether you want practical, durable, or artistic, and we’re here to help you choose your perfect color, texture, and style palette for your painting project.

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How are my furnishings protected?

Large pieces are relocated to the room’s center and then covered. Before the crews arrive, we recommend removing as much of the room’s furniture as possible.

What is the cost of interior painting?

The price of an interior painting project is entirely determined by its scope. Each home varies in terms of square footage, kind of material, preparation work required, the product required, and environmental conditions. Contact us for a complimentary virtual or in-person estimate of your space!

How long does painting a room take?

It depends on the room’s dimensions! Typically, it takes around a day, depending on the room’s size and the area we’re painting.

Can I stay at home during the painting?

Yes! You can continue living in your house throughout the complete renovation. Or, you can go on vacation securely because we will send you regular updates.

Do you hire a cleaning service before or after painting?

We constantly urge cleaners to follow us! Our employees clean up after every project to leave home in the exact condition they found it; however, sometimes there is dust/debris that is better handled by a cleaning service.

Do you require any preparation before painting?

Yes! Before commencing the project, Riverside Painters of Hudson and Nashua area will email you a prep document for interiors. We request that you remove everything from the areas we will be painting, including valuable or emotional things. We also ask that you relocate furniture towards the room’s center, or we may assist you if necessary. In addition, we would be pleased to assist with moving larger objects away from walls if necessary.

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